Complete Compliant Laboratory Chemicals & Analytical Reagents for Education

Vickers Laboratories have over 40 years experience of manufacturing production chemicals and laboratory reagents for some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world.

The Vickers range of Laboratory Chemicals & Analytical Reagents are manufactured and packed in the UK, under an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

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Timstar have been using the Vickers Brand of chemicals for several years, forming a successful partnership which has grown and gone from strength to strength...

  • RELIABILITY - High purity general purpose laboratory reagents and a proven track record of delivering consistent quality chemicals.
  • QUALITY - Investment into processes and procedures that produce repeatable and traceable results.
  • COMPLIANCE - Expertise required to meet the expectations of the pharmaceutical and utilities industries.
  • AVAILABILITY - Lean manufacturing techniques managed by materials requirement planning software, guarantees availability of the right products at the right time.
  • DISTRIBUTION - Quality control of the manufacturing, packing and distribution process providing the best, we can help schools successfully inspire tomorrow's scientists.

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