Nylosan® Navy S-3R and Nylosan® Black S-3N

Archroma product launch - Nylosan® Navy S-3R and Nylosan® Black S-3N Dyes putting the planet first

Embraces sustainable production

High wet fastness on PA microfibres and their blends

Super-fast metal-free* acid dyestuffs

Easy process with higher productivity

Massive resource saving• Lower CO2 emissions

Cost reduction thanks to process optimisation

An ultimate sportswear system that keeps your nylon colourful, dry and fresh for longer, putting the planet first and your competition behind.

Archroma, a global leader in speciality chemicals and sustainable solutions, have launched two new shades of Nylosan® S for textile and fashion applications, based on their innovative Consciously Deep system. 

Nylosan® Navy S-3R and Nylosan® Black S-3N are two new shades of homogeneous patented dyestuffs for polyamide and wool, which fit perfectly into the existing Nylosan® S range.

Should your best performing sportswear cost the earth? Creating dark nylon of high performance is a complex process that consumes huge amounts of water and energy. Dyestuffs traditionally used to dye nylons contain metals and halogens that end up in the environment and final product. 

Nylosan® S dyes are part of Archroma’s CONSCIOUSLY DEEP system - A metal-free* one-step scouring and dyeing system for medium to very dark coloured nylons that stay deep and bright day after day. Good for you, and the planet.  


The range has been developed in line with the principles of “The Archroma Way to a sustainable world: safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s in our nature”. 


 * Below limits of detection 

For fashion and textile brands that are looking for the highest levels of sustainability, please contact our sales team sales@viclabs.co.uk or call us on 0113 236 2811. 

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