Sulphuric Acid 90% for Milk Testing

We are aware of a current shortage in supply of Sulphuric Acid 90% (H2SO4) in the Market place.

Vickers Laboratories are pleased to announce that we now have the capability to manufacture this in house to support the Dairy Industry.

Our product determines the fat content of milk and milk products using the BS 696 part 2 volumetric method or otherwise known as the Gerber Method. This is a historic chemical test created and patented by Dr Niklaus Gerber from Switzerland in 1891. The Milk fat is separated from the proteins by adding sulphuric acid. This dissolves the proteins that form the membrane around the fat. Amyl Alcohol and the centrifugation technique assists with this separation. The Fat content is then read from a calibrated butyrometer.

We sell this in a 2.5L and 5L size however if you are looking to purchase in larger volumes, please do get in touch to discuss further.
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