Food & Beverage

The quality of food products is under even greater scrutiny as the demands of food safety legislation continue to grow. At Vickers we work very closely with food manufacturing and production customers on their analytical chemicals.  

Having supplied the sector for over 50 years, delivering several thousand product variants, we have a vast experience in the production and supply of reagents.

Our strong credentials mean that we have expert insight into the analysis reagents required for this sector. We work with our customers on a partnership basis to develop and deliver a wide range of product variations, tailored to their specific and exacting needs.  


Code Product Name Details
0541 Potassium Iodide VIEW
0009 Acetic Acid 80% w/w pure VIEW
0010 Acetic Acid Glacial VIEW
0011 Acetic Acid Glacial A.R. VIEW
0014 Acetone pure VIEW
0015 Acetone A.R. VIEW
0051 Ammonia Solution 35% w/w VIEW
0052 Ammonia Solution 35% w/w A.R. VIEW
0017 Conductivity Standard 600mS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0111 Boric Acid Powder pure VIEW
0119 Buffer Solution pH 4 (Phthalate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0120 Buffer Solution pH 5 (Phthalate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0121 Buffer Solution pH 6 (Phthalate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0122 Buffer Solution pH 7 (Phosphate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0123 Buffer Solution pH 8 (Borate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0124 Buffer Solution pH 9 (Borate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0130 Buffer Solution pH 6 (Phosphate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0072 Ammonium Sulphate VIEW
0167 Chloroform VIEW
0168 Chloroform A.R. VIEW
0250 Diethyl Ether VIEW
0251 Diethyl Ether A.R. VIEW
0307 Buffer Solution pH 5.2 VIEW
0315 Ethanol Industrial (99% IMS) (74 OP) VIEW
0316 Ethanol Mineralised 90% v/v (64 OP) VIEW
0362 Hydrochloric Acid 35% w/w A.R. VIEW
0427 Methanol VIEW
0428 Methanol A.R. VIEW
0468 Nitric Acid 69% w/w VIEW
0469 Nitric Acid 69% w/w A.R. VIEW
0538 Potassium Hydroxide Pellets VIEW
0539 Potassium Hydroxide Pellets A.R. VIEW
0557 Propan-2-ol VIEW
0558 Propan-2-ol A.R. VIEW
0607 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets VIEW
0608 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets A.R. VIEW
0642 Citric Acid Solution 2% w/v VIEW
0647 Sulphuric Acid pure VIEW
0648 Sulphuric Acid A.R. VIEW
0674 Sulphuric Acid 25% v/v VIEW
0678 Acetic Acid 30% w/v VIEW
0707 Hydrochloric Acid 15% w/w VIEW
0710 Trichloroacetic Acid VIEW
0730 Ethanol Solution 70% v/v VIEW
0759 Xylene VIEW
0845 Buffer Solution pH 2 Colour Coded (Green)(HCl) NIST Traceable VIEW
0856 Buffer Solution pH13 (Sodium Hydroxide) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0879 Ethanol solution 96% v/v VIEW
1030 Liquid hand sanitiser VIEW
1035 WHO-Recommended Handrub Formulation 1 (Ethanol) VIEW
1041 Gel Hand Sanitiser VIEW
1051 Buffer Solution pH 11 (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0346 Glycerol VIEW
1136 D(+)-Glucose Anhydrous VIEW
0367 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% w/v pure VIEW
1302 Petroleum Spirit 40-60°C VIEW
1303 Petroleum Spirit 60-80°C VIEW
1308 Phenolphthalein Solution VIEW
1355 Buffer Tablets pH 9.22 VIEW
1541 Petroleum Spirit 40/60 A.R. VIEW
1542 Petroleum Spirit 60/80 A.R. VIEW
1583 Citric Acid Anhydrous pure VIEW
1597 Ethanol Industrial (94% IMS) (64 OP) VIEW
1656 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane pure VIEW
1829 Buffer Solution pH 10 (Borate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
1908 Methanol (For Preparation Of Karl Fisher Reagent) VIEW
0531 Potassium Chloride VIEW
1981 D(+)-Glucose Anhydrous A.R. VIEW
0542 Potassium Iodide A.R. VIEW
2008 Sodium Hydroxide Solution 40% w/v VIEW
2030 Citric Acid H2O A.R. VIEW
2079 Buffer Solution pH 9.2 (NIST Traceable) VIEW
2282 Buffer Tablets pH 4.00 VIEW
0567 di-Sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate 12H2O U.S.P VIEW
0569 Salt Calibration Solution 2% w/v VIEW
2397 Hydrochloric Acid 35% w/w VIEW
2450 Sulphuric Acid 23% w/w VIEW
2464 Buffer Tablets pH 7.00 VIEW
0584 Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous VIEW
2626 Buffer Solution pH 4 Colour Coded (Red) (Phthalate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
2627 Buffer Solution pH 7 Coloured (Yellow) (Phosphate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
2628 Buffer Solution pH 10 Colour Coded (Blue) (Borate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0588 Sodium Chloride pure VIEW
2634 Buffer Solution pH 2 (Hydrochloric Acid) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0589 Sodium Chloride A.R. VIEW
0591 tri-Sodium Citrate 2H2O VIEW
0597 Salt Calibration Solution 4% w/v VIEW
0609 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution VIEW
3234 Peptone (Bacteriological) VIEW
0622 Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous VIEW
0623 Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous A.R. VIEW
0624 Salt Calibration Standard 10% w/v VIEW
0632 Sodium Thiosulphate 5H2O A.R. VIEW
4015 Buffer Solution pH 12.00 @ 25°C (NIST Traceable) (Phosphate) VIEW
4058 Sodium Hydroxide 40% w/v as Low In Nitrogen VIEW
0655 Conductivity Standard 14.13ms (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0656 Hydrochloric Acid 8.0M (8N) VIEW
4125 Sulphuric Acid 96% w/w VIEW
0673 Hydrochloric Acid 0.05M (N/20) VIEW
0675 Tetrahydrofuran HPLC VIEW
0698 Conductivity Standard 30000us (@25ºC) NIST Traceable VIEW
0708 Conductivity Standard 4000uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0743 Silver Nitrate 0.05M (N/20) VIEW
0762 Zinc Chloride Anhydrous pure VIEW
0766 Zinc Sulphate 6H2O pure VIEW
0876 Conductivity Standard 150mS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
0894 Ethanol:Ether Mix for FFA Titration VIEW
4425 Buffer Solution pH 4.05 (NIST Traceable) VIEW
4426 Buffer Solution pH 4.4 (NIST Traceable) VIEW
4427 Buffer Solution pH 8.2 (NIST Traceable) VIEW
4428 Buffer Solution pH 9.2 (Blue) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
1011 Conductivity Standard 56870uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
4610 Buffer Solution pH 9 Colour Coded (Green) (Borate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
4664 pH Buffer 6.865 NIST/DIN (Green) VIEW
4665 pH Buffer 9.18 NIST/DIN (Blue) VIEW
4666 pH Buffer 4.005 NIST/DIN (Red) VIEW
4683 pH Buffer 4.005 (@25ºC) [Red] NIST Traceable (Phthalate) VIEW
4692 pH Buffer 7.00 (@25ºC) NIST Traceable [Yellow] (Phosphate) VIEW
4693 pH Buffer 10.00 (@25ºC) NIST Traceable (Blue) (Carbonate) VIEW
4793 Buffer Solution pH2 (Glycine (NIST Traceable) VIEW
4903 Buffer Solution pH3 (Phthalate) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
1119 Fehling's Solution No. 1 Qualitative VIEW
1138 Glycerol A.R. VIEW
1157 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% w/v A.R. VIEW
1216 Lugol's Iodine Solution VIEW
1354 Potassium Sodium Tartrate 4H2O pure VIEW
1400 Sodium Acetate Anhydrous pure VIEW
1401 Sodium Acetate Anhydrous A.R. VIEW
1547 Sodium Thiosulphate Anhydrous pure VIEW
1567 Anti-Bumping Granules VIEW
1580 Charcoal Decolourising Powder (Activated) VIEW
1627 Phenolphthalein Solution (For Milk Testing) VIEW
1735 Hydrochloric Acid 1.0M (N/1) VIEW
1737 Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M (N/10) VIEW
1740 Iodine 0.05M (N/10) VIEW
1788 Sand Purified VIEW
1791 Silver Nitrate 0.1M (N/10) VIEW
1795 Sodium Hydroxide 1.0M (N/1) VIEW
1796 Sodium Hydroxide 0.111M (N/9) VIEW
1797 Sodium Hydroxide 0.1M (N/10) VIEW
1818 Iodine Indicator VIEW
1871 Potassium Chloride A.R. VIEW
2023 Sodium Hydroxide 0.2M (N/5) VIEW
2058 Boric Acid Solution 4% w/v (With Indicator) VIEW
2233 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane HPLC VIEW
2238 Perchloric Acid 0.1M (N/10) (In Acetic Acid) VIEW
2280 Hydrochloric Acid 0.02M (N/50) VIEW
2299 Polyvinyl Alcohol Solution 0.5% VIEW
2400 Sulphuric Acid 90% w/w (For Milk Testing) VIEW
2797 Conductivity Standard 147uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
2798 Conductivity Standard 400uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
2843 Conductivity Standard 100uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
2857 Boron Trifluoride-Methanol Complex VIEW
2952 di-Sodium P-Nitrophenyl Phosphate VIEW
2964 Water A.R. VIEW
3008 Conductivity Standard 84uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3009 Conductivity Standard 1413uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3024 Carbonate Buffer (For Milk Testing) VIEW
3051 Conductivity Standard 12880uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3052 Conductivity Standard 10uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3093 Gram's Iodine Solution VIEW
3128 Conductivity Standard 500uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3147 Kovacs Reagent VIEW
3148 Resazurin Tablets VIEW
3168 Conductivity Standard 1000uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3300 Silica Gel Self-Indicating (3-6Mm) (Red To Yellow) VIEW
3347 Silver Nitrate 1.0M (N/1) VIEW
3378 Conductivity Standard 2000uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3587 Conductivity Standard 5uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3726 Conductivity Standard 5000uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3810 Sodium Hydroxide 0.5M (N/2) VIEW
3818 Conductivity Standard 67uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3820 Conductivity Standard 133uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
3824 Conductivity Standard 200uS (@25°C) (NIST Traceable) VIEW
4053 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% w/v Normapur VIEW
4057 Trizma Base VIEW
4103 Thionin Acetate VIEW
4160 Nitric Acid 5.0M VIEW
4182 Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous Pure VIEW
4655 Conductivity Standard 1413uS (@25ºC) NIST Traceable VIEW
4656 Conductivity Standard 12880uS (@25ºC) NIST Traceable VIEW
4737 Conductivity Standard 84uS (@25ºC) NIST Traceable VIEW
4294 Purolan BHT (Food Grade) VIEW
4809 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 1% VIEW
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