Vickers Laboratories have been supplying Leeds University with embalming fluid for many years and we have always found their service to be efficient and professional. We recently decided to try two new solutions and approached Vickers for their advice. Once again they proved to be incredibly helpful and quickly provided us with the products we were looking for. They also provided us with an onsite service to transfer the chemicals safely in to the vessel we needed to fill. They have gone out of their way to assist us in any way possible and I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Mortuary Technician
University of Leeds

Pollution & Process Monitoring Limited has been working with Vickers for almost a year now.

We were in the position of having to change supplier at quite short notice, however Vickers have done an excellent job of helping make it a smooth transition.

We see it as a partnership rather than just dealing with a supplier, with Vickers having a friendly and efficient customer service where you are dealing with a regular contact, not just some nameless individual.

What you will find is that Vickers works with you to help adapt and integrate your needs and your customer demands into an efficient supply and delivery.

We look forward to continuing to work with Vickers for many years to come. 

Procurement Manager


Working with Vickers laboratories over the last 8 years has been very much a positive experience. Their professionalism and customer care is excellent and I would herby like to thank them for making the somewhat difficult task of using an oversea supplier to provide a speciality product for a niche market a pleasant experience.

I have been dealing with Vickers Laboratories for 15 years.  I decided to use Vickers because we previously mixed our own embalming fluid in-house, which was no longer practical for health and safety reasons, the Vickers Cambridge Embalming formulation was perfect solution for our needs.

One thing I like about Vickers is the friendly and efficient follow up from their Customer Service Team regarding any queries or problems. My experience with Vickers has always been very positive. 

The most beneficial practical issue that Vickers has helped me and many other anatomy establishments across the country is their production of Potting fluid in 25L drums. This saved so much time, as it was a laborious task mixing and making up small quantities at a time. This enabled us to repair and refurbish the vast majority of our anatomy and pathology pot collection within months!

I would recommend Vickers Laboratories to Organisations who need quality embalming fluid or specimen pot fluid.

Senior Anatomy Technician
University of St Andrews 


Vickers are always very helpful in any questions I have and quick to respond when any issues arise. I have never had any problems dealing with Vickers, very easy to work with.

Thankyou again for all your help with this it is really appreciated and please pass on our thanks to your production team.

I would like to on behalf of myself and my team thank you for your outstanding support. It really is very much appreciated.